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Former Digital Equipment Corporation Headquarters in Maynard, Mass. USA


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Hi there, my name is Didier Morandi, aka DTL. I'm a DEC OpenVMS Expert since 1981 when I read the whole documentation at Dassault Aircrafts to help them migrate from PDP-11/RSX11M to a brand new VAX-750 under VMS V3... Then, from 1983 to 1986, I used to work at the DEC France Telephone Support Center on VMS and Fortran mainly. On the 1st of June 1986, I started my own business as a Consultant (DTL Consulting) in Sophia Antipolis. Now, I focuse since 2003 on Alpha to Integrity migrations (read this doc from HP).




Some History


The picture above is The Cotton Mill building in Maynard, Massachusetts, USA, where Ken Olsen (1926-2011) created Digital Equipment Corporation in 1957. On the 1st of January 1998, Compaq (sadly) acquired DEC, then in 2002 HP (hopefully) acquired Compaq. OpenVMS survived thanks to its Customers base and its exceptional quality and safety. In 2013, HP (today HPE) announced they will "exit the OpenVMS business by 2020". In 2014, a few former DECcies created the VMS Software Inc. Company (VSI, picture up right) to take over the OpenVMS life and future. The 31st of July same year, VSI has entered into a license agreement with HPE to develop and release future versions of OpenVMS. HPE ended OpenVMS sales and support on the 30th of June 2019. Good bye HPE, Welcome VSI and its catalog.


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Avions Marcel Dassault, Paris

Avions Marcel Dassault, Annecy

Centre de Documentation Civique, Lausanne

Edipresse Publications SA, Lausanne

Nespresso, Lausanne

Nixdorf Computer, Paris

Peugeot, Montbéliard

Sapeurs-Pompiers, Nice

SEMVAT, Toulouse

Société Générale, Paris

UBS, Zurich

Programming (DCL, Fortran 90)


Banque Neuflize Schlumberger Mallet, Paris

C.I.E.S, Paris

Charles Veillon, Lausanne

Ciments Lafarge, Paris

Garage Moderne, Lausanne

Gay Frères, Genève

Interohm, Paris

Nespresso, Lausanne

Synthésia, Nogent sur Marne

Tetra Pak, Lausanne


Operations, studies & norms


Automobiles Peugeot OVSA, Paris

Ciments Calcia, Poissy

COGEMA / Euriware, Cherbourg

COGEMA / SGN, Cherbourg

COGEMA / SGN, Cherbourg

Edipresse Publications SA, Lausanne

European Space Agency, Paris

Peugeot, Montbéliard

Sapeurs-Pompiers, Nice

Société Générale, Paris

SOPRA Informatique, Genève


Project Management and OPC



EM Microelectronic-Marin SA, Neuchâtel

Société Française du Radiotéléphone, Paris




Digital Equipment, Genève

Digital Equipment, Paris

IUT, Créteil

Papeteries de Condat, le Lardin Saint Lazare

Péchiney, St Jean de Maurienne

P.T.T, Berne




Agence FKGB, Paris

Bull SA, Paris

Cable & Wireless, Paris

Lanfranchi, Lausanne

SOPRA Informatique, Lausanne

SwissCom, Berne

IT Security


Crédit Lyonnais, Paris

DIGITAL France, Evry

DTL Conseil, Sophia-Antipolis

Edipresse Publications SA, Lausanne

Ordipat Gestion de Brevets, Paris







Banque NSM, Paris

Caisse Nationale de Crédit Agricole, Paris



Société Générale, Paris



AIRBUS, Toulouse (VAX/VMS => Charon-VAX1)

Dassault Aviation, Saint-Cloud (PDP-11/RSX11M => VAX/VMS v3)

Edipresse Publications, Lausanne (VMS v3 => v4)

Peugeot, Montbéliard (Alpha/OpenVMS => HP/UX)

SECTOR 7, Toulouse (Alpha/OpenVMS => HP/UX)

SNECMA, Le Creusot (VAX/VMS => Alpha/OpenVMS)


1.  Charon-VAX is a registered Trade Mark of Stromasys.






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