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When we started in 2003 our first study on replatforming for Airbus, we met a few VAX/VMS Customers concerned by the HP announcement of the VAX Family EOSL (End Of Service Life) scheduled for 2010.


Some of these Customers told us the following: "We are absolutely happy with our VAX systems, we certainly do not plan to migrate anywhere and take a risk we could not accept due to the fact that these systems are running mission critical applications". Later, when HP announced the AlphaServers EOSL, we heard sometimes the same speech.


In both cases, we told our Customers about the Charon-VAX and Charon-AXP emulators products from Stromasys, and we did well as all our Customers who chose to go Charon were - and still are - very happy with these solutions.


You have mission critical applications which run on AlphaServers with OpenVMS? You do not intend to migrate towards HPE Integrity/Itanium servers? You certainly do not plan to migrate to Integrity/x86-64 servers which do not run OpenVMS v9 yet? Then you have only one option - to us - and a good option: go Stromasys Charon-AXP.





The Stromasys Charon-AXP emulator is a software wich allows to create on a standard Windows or Linux PC the very same environment as the one of an AlphaServer running OpenVMS. No need to change anything to your applications, no mandatory training, actually no modifications whatsoever for your users (read the Stromasys Data Sheet).





To know more about all this, you will find here the Stromasys documentation for Charon-AXP in PDF format. Please note that document number 7 deals with Charon-AXP licensing. The VSI OpenVMS licensing seems to be currently reviewed between HPE, VSI and Stromasys. We will keep you informed.




Charon-VAX and Charon-AXP are registered trade marks of Stromasys.



June 2019